Can I eat my Yae, at least?

1303 Words

“Heh, sweetie, you missed me.” Yae smilingly commented as soon as we entered my previous room. We had so little time to be together so… after she greeted Akane, Miwa-nee and Minoru who stayed downstairs, I brought Yae with me to my previous room. The room where I laid down with Miwa-nee earlier. Before going to the train station, I spent some quality time with Akane in our bedroom. And although I felt so guilty earlier for letting her endure things for me, here I was again, spending my time with another girl. See how despicable I am? Akane’s special. Too special that I wouldn’t be able to bear to not have her by my side. However, Yae and the other girls were also somewhat the same. I promised them and it’s not like I was forcing myself to focus on them whenever we’re together. This wa

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