Probe (2)

1271 Words

With her tone and even her expression changing at the moment, I also changed gears and faced her without any pretense. However, before answering, I took a glance at the woman typing away at the keyboard. Juri was too focused on it and she’s not one bit bothered about us conversing in this room. Well, she’s unrelated to it and it’s probably of no interest to her. What’s important was to finish whatever project they had to do. But I found it a little unnatural. It was Setsuna who’s working on that just before I entered the room. However, Juri picked up the chair and indifferently sat down on it to continue without even reprimanding Setsuna. It’s as if she’s intentionally avoiding any interaction with me. Or I was just reading too much on this… Anyway, since there’s not an ounce of inte

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