A Held Secret?

1325 Words

“Oh right. Aren’t you the Disciplinary Officer now, Onoda-kun?” I was about to excuse myself since their small meeting had just ended when Eguchi-sensei asked something as though she had just remembered it. Looks like, as one of the Guidance Counselors, she was already informed of the creation of that new position for me. It’s already been a week since then. It’s understandable. It’s actually a wonder why I hadn’t been called by them yet. To go over what would really be the scope of my position. “Eh? Disciplinary Officer, what’s that?” Before I could respond, that and similar questions rose from the Basketball Club members upon hearing the rather foreign term. Satsuki was aware of it so she only had her brows raised as a reaction. “A new position in the Student Council. It was propo

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