Her Trauma (1)

1335 Words

Although Serizawa-senpai accepted when I told her that I wanted to take care of her, she’s still somewhat different from my girls. If I had to guess, it’s like I accepted her dependence on me and on her part, she accepted my presence in her life. Someone like Haruko that she could depend on. Well, perhaps that’s not a guess since I instantly felt that her fear towards me visibly lessened. We went back to our earlier position wherein we’re both entangled with each other, with Serizawa-senpai on top of me. “I... Onoda-kun, listen to my story. It mostly happened to my mother’s home country and my birthplace...” Serizawa-senpai started her story. And while I went back to brushing her hair to make her comfortable, I listened to her somewhat tragic story that led to who she was today. I pu

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