Overturned Expectation

1672 Words

"Ruki… You said we will only talk…"   Himeko muttered once she escaped my lips. With a hand covering it now, she started to inch away from me, all the while wiping the trail of our saliva which ran down below her lips.   From the middle, she instantly reached the edge of the bed.   "Sorry. I couldn't help it. I miss you."   I followed after her, however, I stopped taking advantage of our situation. I know that if I kiss her again, she wouldn't resist.   "Uh… why are you this perverted again?"   "Aren't I always like this? As long as it's to someone I like, I'll always show the real me. And I really like you now, Himeko."   I don't think I've properly said it to her. Her circumstances differ from the others after all. Haruko introduced Himeko and Mina to me and they knew my te

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