The Morning After

2596 Words
It's still dark when I wake up. Kana is peacefully sleeping at my side. You wouldn't think that this cute face of hers was drowning in pleasure last night. For 2 years, she didn't know or maybe she didn't even try to know about the pleasure s*x gives. And then when she resolved herself to do it with Kenji, I caught them and entered her life. Along with the feeling of new sensation brought by the idea of her held by a man other than her lover, she succumbed to it. If I didn't catch them that day, they would've already done it and their relationship would've gone up a level already. That Kenji guy successfully won her heart because of his patience at wooing her for 2 years. Unfortunately though, I happened to be at the right time and at the right place. When I tried to get up, Kana held onto my body, not letting me get up. Well, it won't hurt to give her more time. I look at the clock. It's only 5 am. 10 minutes then. I have a lot to do this morning. I have to prepare for her uniform and breakfast too. Ah. This is another part of the hardship I'm bringing to myself every time I bring a girl home. I had to make sure they're comfortable. Is it weird? I don't think so. I had my fill for my desire so it's natural for me to at least be mindful that they can go back with a peace of mind. That's what I think since I started. Even if it sounds like hypocrisy, I always abide by that. I watch Kana sleeping cutely for 10 minutes before I force myself out of her hug. I kiss her forehead and put the blanket on her. Now then. I guess I'll check the recordings first. Yeah. I had cameras installed inside my room and every part of my house. I'm collecting these memories. Sometimes I watch them again and reminisce on how I successfully stole a girl. That fills a bit of my desire. I remove them whenever my parents go back home. It's bad if they saw a bunch of cameras hidden all over the house. Everything we did last night was caught on camera. I used my PC to crop it and only include our lewd scenes. I put the copy inside a hard drive where all my collections were stored safely. I organized the files and made two folders. Middle School and High School. I put everything before Kana inside the first folder. Well, the second folder might be filled up soon enough. For now, Kana's alone there. There were times back in middle school where I had to use these recordings. And yeah, just the recording of my targeted girl. It's not always successful, you see? Sometimes they go back to their lovers and rebel against me. Not responding to my summons for them and such. So I gave them some lessons to make them fall in line again. I turned the PC off and went out of the room, leaving the sleeping Kana. I then went to get our dried uniform and her underwears. I'll iron her uniform later. I also went inside the bathroom to fill the tub. I'm planning on getting in with Kana after breakfast. I didn't take a shower last night, I can still smell Kana's sweat and her sweet scent on me. Because I'm too occupied with her last night, I forgot to check my phone. Maemura was supposedly going to tell me the details. She won't be angry right? It won't spoil my fun for them, right? Well, let's just hope it won't get to that. I went to the living room where I also put my bag down. I take my phone out and open the Messenger app. As I expected, Maemura messaged me last night. "Hey, you there?" She sent it during our intense session last night. There's no way I would notice this. I typed in a reply. Well, there's no rush, this is still just the 4th day since we started high school. There's a lot of time left. "Sorry. I fell asleep." Maemura's status suddenly turned green when I sent that. She's online? Yeah. I can see her typing now. "It's fine." "Wait. Why are you awake?" "What? I have my morning jog. I'm the one who should ask you that, Mr. Lazybones. Why are you up this early?" Lazybones. Ugh, so that phrase I said about me being naturally lazy rubs on her mind. "Uh. I dreamt about you chewing me out for forgetting that you'll message me at night?" "Huh? That doesn't answer my question." "Eh why? It's a nightmare. Who wouldn't wake up from it?" "Ah, I see... So you think of me like a nightmare. Is that it?" Oh. Even without any exclamation mark, I know she's pissed. "It's you who consider yourself as a nightmare Maemura. I'm talking about being chewed out." "Argh. You're ruining my morning Onoda. Talk to you later. I still need that help." "Anytime." "Don't fall asleep" "I won't." Ending our conversation there I can now somehow figure out Maemura's character type. If I have to guess, she's a Maiden in Love type. You see, her type is those who are devotedly in love with one guy. I bet she likes that i***t Sakuma since their first year in middle school or even earlier than that. But these Maiden in Love types are those who lack the courage to confess unless they gather enough resolve by themselves. They will even deny it at times. Just look at what happened to them. No amount of push from behind can make them budge unless they decide to do it themselves. That's how troublesome their type is. But yeah, I guess I can have my way around it. She wanted help from me to gather enough resolve. Now we're talking. How can I take her in the process while making sure she'll succeed? Maybe I need to give a push on Sakuma's side as well or I can ask for another person's help. Like Rindou. I just wonder if it will be enough. Well, unless I hear the details from her I can't think up of a plan. I'm almost done with Kana, Ms.Miyazaki might need more time. She's someone who indulges in her fantasies and her chosen outlet is me. Turning that outlook is a bit hard, add to that it's my first time trying to steal a married woman. There's no need to rush. I just have to do it one step at a time. Now that I'm here in the living room, Kana's phone is lying there at the table where she put it down last night. She got so immersed in us that she abruptly ended her call with Kenji. I take a look at her phone and see mail notifications on it. Yeah. He must've been worried, is he? I pick up Kana's bag on the floor and put it beside it. It's better if she can see it easily when she wakes up. I also put my bag on the other side. Now that I'm finished organizing the living room, let's do the next task. Kana might wake up at 6 am and we have to arrive at school before 7:30 am. At least 30 minutes will be taken up from riding the train so we have to leave here on or before 7 am. I went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. There's not a lot of ingredients here. Let's make it simple. I cooked an omelette and sauteed a canned tuna. I also took out loaves of bread that were sitting in the fridge. The bread toaster is just at the corner so that's fine now. What would she like to drink? Coffee? Ah, I'll just ask her later. I put on a cover on the dishes to keep it warm. I went back to my room with the uniforms at hand. I worked on ironing it while watching over her. She keeps on turning over the bed. Well, sleeping on an unfamiliar bed I would have the same reaction as her. After doing all that, I still got some spare time to do my morning exercise. I went to another room downstairs. It's a room dedicated to exercising. My parents bought a lot of equipment there that you would think of it as a mini-gym. Because of my desire, I can't just neglect working out. There will always be a time where I need physical strength more than just burning out my brain for thinking of a suitable plan. I don't have a plan to become an athlete or some sort of a bodybuilder though. Just enough exercise to condition my body just in case. It also helps me train my stamina. I shot 4 times inside her last night. Like an alarm clock, I heard Kana's soft steps as she made her way from upstairs when I finished working out at 6 am. "Good morning. Did you sleep well?" I greet her. Kana's eyes are still half-closed and the nightgown she's wearing is a bit loose revealing her beautiful figure. I can honestly say, that's too arousing. I'm already pitching a tent. We'll have some time in the bath. I can't wait. "Ah. Ruki. G-good morning." She woke up from her stupor when she heard my voice. Following it, she turned to me and smiled. "I prepared breakfast. Go on ahead. I'll heat up the bath and follow you after." Kana beams a larger smile hearing that. Is she that happy that I prepared breakfast? Or because I'm heating up the bath? Err. I don't know. Even if I claim that I understand my girls' thoughts there are always times like this when I don't get why they are giving that reaction. Kana hurries down the stairs and runs up to me. She gives me a kiss on her own initiative. I responded to it taking her in my arms again. Well, she's not the first one who showed this much affection after a night like that. Though I can see differences in the mindset between a middle schooler and a high schooler. Girls in middle schools are still too young so their mind hasn't seen the bigger picture yet and that is the impending arrival of their adulthood. They're mostly carefree, even those who already decided their future career. How should I say it? Their heads are still a bit child-like. Unlike Kana right now, after losing her virginity, it feels like she changed or rather she grew up from being too naive. Kana went on ahead to the dining room and after turning on the heater I followed right after. We eat breakfast I prepared like normal. Well, for me it's normal but Kana's eyes seem to sparkle at every bite she takes. Her energy that was spent last night is constantly getting filled up. "Now that I can see it clearly. Aren't you lonely in this big house?" Kana asks. "Not really. I'm used to it. And well, I have you right now so.." "Ah. I seem to always get taken in by your words Ruki." She blushes at my response. "Really? This is how I normally am. Do you think I'm just talking sweet words?" "Eh, I won't say it like that. On a literary standard, I guess I can call it as 'expressive few words'. There are those, right? You can feel something different even from a short phrase." Kana explains. I don't get it though. If that's how she sees it then let it be that. We continue that kind of discussion throughout the duration of our breakfast. The atmosphere is unlike last night where one move and it will turn to something erotic. "Leave the dishes there. We'll run out of time. I'll do that later after school." I said to Kana when I saw her trying to do it again. She nodded. She seems reluctant though.  We're really running out of time so I dragged her to the bath with me. Well, it's the time to f**k once again in the bath that was running out. She's not against the idea of taking a bath together, maybe she knew that even if she rejected I will insist. We showered together and washed each other. There's still her cute and shy type of character so it still became a fulfilling experience when she washes my c**k that was deep inside her last night. She even uses her cute tongue and mouth to clean it thoroughly and I did the same for her. Eventually, we both became too aroused. I f**k her again for the 5th time. This time I had her sit on me inside the bathtub. I had her insert it herself. It was too cute to look at her clumsy hands holding my c**k and aim it on her entrance. The feeling of warm water on our bodies, her warm insides and my hot c**k complimented each other. We once again drowned in pleasure and she kept on shouting my name amidst her moans. Sex now became too pleasurable for her that she started moving on her own, grinding my c**k inside her while looking for her own sweet spots. And because of that, we took longer than I expected. We did 2 rounds instead of 1. The 2nd round became my turn to reward her for her hard work. I had her lean on the wall under the shower. I raised one of her legs and f**k her like that as we wash away the sweat we just accumulated. By the time we geared up for school, it's already 10 minutes past 7 am.  When we got out of the house we once again ran into Akane. She's donning the same uniform. Well, her school is close so she's not pressed on time. Unlike me who has to ride the train 4 stations away. "Ah! You p*****t! I forgot to say something yesterday." Akane starts her day shouting at me. Honestly, this girl. She glared at Kana at my side which made the latter hide behind me. "What is it? And please, keep your voice down. It's too early to shout like that." "You i***t. You're always like that. Haa. I give up. Anyway what I want to say is..." "What?" She seems to be arranging the words inside her head. "Those girls. They found out you didn't enter our high school so they keep on bugging me since day 1. Stop ignoring them or they might show up at your school before you know it." Ah. That's an oversight. I never thought of the possibility of them doing that. I guess I have to respond at least once right? If they show up there, I won't be able to maintain my Classmate A status. Most of them are beauties in their own league. If they start asking for me, I'm sure that trouble will come knocking. "I got it. Thanks." "It's good that you know. You should really stop Ruki. Before you destroy yourself." That was her last words before she sped up and passed us by. Destroy? I'm careful enough to prevent that. Haa. More work. I thought I'm having a fresh start. It looks like I was too naive as well. And here I am having the gall to call Kana as naive.
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