Settling In

2384 Words

When Miwa-nee arrived and we separated from each other, I put myself next to Shio while the two talked to each other. With Miwa-nee silently listening to her while commenting at times, Shio finally released whatever she was bottling up. For the rest of their talk, Shio cried her heart out with me supporting her at the side. Shio soon fell asleep on the table after all that crying. Miwa-nee signalled to me to bring Shio up and let her take proper rest. "Ruki, take Shiori and let her take a rest. Also, advise her not to go to work tomorrow, we'll accompany her here to take her mind off her current problem." "Thank you, Miwa-nee, for helping with Shio." I sincerely thank her. I never got a chance to be alone with her again but I guess, we more or less understood each other better now.

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