Alarming *

1691 Words

To make up for the lost opportunity we had earlier, I double-checked that Saki’s not being stalked by Taku. That guy was persistent after all. Saki used the same excuse as Nami did the other day. Acting as if she forgot something right before the bus departed. That way, it would be too late for someone to run after her. It probably worked as expected but just in case the silent guy decided to get off at the next bus stop and run back to the school just for Saki, I had us move rooms. To someplace we hadn’t used yet. One of the unoccupied open rooms on the third floor of the club building. Since Shizu had already left, the whole third floor was already devoid of people. It made it easier for us to move there and find a room we could use. In the end, we settled on a room that was somewha

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