Stolen Time Plus

1595 Words

After eating the lunch box prepared by Shizu-senpai, Nami went back to straddling me. Like Aya and Kana, she's in the same weight class. Even if they stay on my lap all day, my legs wouldn't feel cramped. Even if she wouldn't say it, Nami's dreamy blue eyes already told me everything. This time that we have, she wanted to get the best of it. After leaving that door, it would be hard for us to be alone again. With that thought in mind, Nami let loose of any inhibitions she had. Inhibitions about the things that she could do at the moment, for example, stripping me off my clothes and being mesmerized by what she saw beneath it. "This doesn't look like the body of a teenager, Ruu. How long were you keeping this up?" Nami's fingers traced along the lines of my body. The way she moved it w

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