A Long List of Schedule

1248 Words

After confirming my plans for today which include my meet-up with Nikaido, the date with Himeko and my first session as a Beginner Boxing Instructor, I prepared everything and told Akane and Miwa-nee about it. Akane told me that she would come and enroll at my training program today as well as Yae, who already called me about the time when I will be picking up at the station. Following that, more girls called me such as Aika, Miyako and Miho.  Hiyori wanted to come but because of how shy she was, she asked me to teach her privately instead. Otoha also wanted to come but she was still grounded by her mother. Even if she made an excuse, her mother would send someone to follow her. If she found out that Otoha went to a Boxing Gym, she would hire a professional trainer for her. Just like h

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