Consequence of Teasing? *

1317 Words

After talking me down, clearing my mind and suggesting a solution to what was worrying me, Akane and I ate our breakfast, prepared for school, and left together. However, before we left the house, a little mischief landed me on Nao’s mercy. When I checked on the girl who had just woken up at that time, I found her l rolling on our bed, sniffing my pillow and the blanket we used. When she noticed me staring at her from the half-opened door, the girl embarrassedly jumped out of the bed and ran up to me before covering my eyes while saying, ‘Forget what you see, please.’ As a serial teaser, I acted as if I was complying with her words. But when she turned around to return to the bed, I embraced her from behind and nibbled on her ear until she weakened to her knees. Following that, while I

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