Sunday Morning *

1542 Words

Akane rode me until she climaxed herself but until then, I didn't reach my limit. To let her rest, Haruko took her place and like Akane, she crawled up to me and put my c**k in her on her own before moving her hips along with me. A bit aggrieved that she's the only one who managed to c****x, Akane crept up to my chest after being pushed out by Haruko and took my lips into a more passionate kiss. Her tongue plunged deep inside my mouth, wanting to be sucked out. I circled my arm to the back of her neck and gave the silly girl what she wanted all the while as Haruko continued to hump on top of my c**k. "I enjoyed it, you don't have to pout like that." I whispered to Akane in between our kisses." "But…" "No buts, have you forgotten? This is just because I got drained last night. I can't a

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