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During the 30 minutes of break time for the activity, we spent it thinking of a strategy to win the activity and occasional banter between me and Chii which lighten up the depressed mood of Kanzaki. Well, everyone's grade depended on us and playing to win will always be better for others. Not for me though. In any case, even if I won't be involved in the strategy, I helped them think about what to do. Especially, Kanzaki, our Captor. There's actually some kind of loophole to the rules and when I told them about it, Chii's excitement went through the roof. It will involve her after all. The loophole is… There's no mention of tagging out someone who captured the other class' Flag. If we worked through it, then it's possible for Chii to stop the Class 2 from scoring more as long as it wi

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