Uneventful day?

1324 Words

The school hours passed by quickly and were fairly uneventful this day save from a few interesting encounters. First, there’s Eguchi-sensei staring at me awkwardly because I was almost late again. In any case, it’s only ‘almost’ so I returned an apologetic smile to her before I continued to the class just to prevent the others from speculating about her favoring me once more. Second, Shio announced that I got accepted as her Student Assistant. It didn’t create another wave of exclamations since most of my classmates already thought that it’s just a matter of time before that happened. However, Shio cashed in on that status sooner than I expected. Just like before when she punished me – she had me carry her things to her next classes – she asked me to do it again. Due to that, I was once

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