Destroy it?

1088 Words

Thankfully, upon seeing that the activity was a success, Eguchi-sensei was extremely delighted. Perhaps, to show someone that she’s that satisfied with how things turned out, she asked me to stay behind for a while, letting me watch her act differently than how she always portrayed herself towards the other students. “Good for you, sensei. See, you can do it if you really put your mind to it.” I praised. And upon hearing that, her smile grew wider. “It’s all thanks to you Onoda-kun! You really are my…” Hmm… your what? I failed to hear the last word she uttered since it’s too silent to catch. Anyway, it’s probably close to either ‘Guardian Angel’ or ‘Lucky Charm’. Perhaps because of what happened earlier, I noticed Eguchi-sensei unconsciously veered away from me when she missed a ste

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