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Before we set off to my house, I called Akane and told her about Haruko, Sena and Otoha. Haruko told me she already informed her but I also want to tell Akane, just like how she advised me back then. After Yae, it will be these three. Will I have another busy night? Ah. Otoha couldn't stay the night so they'll leave by 8 pm. Only Haruko will stay since that's what she asked of me. "Mihara-san, long time no see. Are you doing well?" I greeted Otoha's chauffeur. Mihara Hitomi, she's what you could call a cold beauty. Her age ranges between Shio and Miwa-nee. She still has her long hair that was done into a ponytail using a white ribbon. Her naturally glaring eyes which were adorned by a small mole on the left side, one look at it and people would already think twice before approaching h

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