Why will I not be alright?

1292 Words

Around 30 minutes past midnight, I reached our house, sleepy and still tired. Well, I prevented myself from falling asleep on the train. Moreover, I checked on some of my girls who were still awake at that time. There’s Mizuki who’s spending her night analyzing some data related to her work. When I messaged her, the girl immediately videocalled me saying she wanted to unwind herself. When I reminded her not to overwork, the girl just smirked at me and said that I should practice what I preached first. She got me speechless there. It’s truly somewhat presumptuous of me to remind her when I couldn’t do it myself. Nonetheless, before ending our videocall, Mizuki assured me that she wouldn’t stay up past 1 o’clock. For sure, it’s to not make me worry about her. I’m surrounded by wonderful

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