Your Pet is Here

1497 Words

When I left the Student Council Room, I ran into Inugaki and the couple who were going back to report whatever it was they accomplished. “Thanks for the hard work.” Saying that as a courtesy along with bowing my head towards them, the scowl on Inugaki’s face froze as he was forced to say the same. Well, that’s a common courtesy for co-workers, if he didn’t say it back, he would be seen as rude and unwelcoming. As for the couple, they returned the courtesy with a smile. Nonetheless, I could still see a hint of suspicion from them. Since Shizu and I were left alone, they probably began suspecting us again. Or rather, they never dropped it in the first place. Nonetheless, without catching us on the act, all they would get were speculation. After leaving them, I went to the Literature Cl

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