A push on her back

1820 Words

Seeing Saki still visibly shaking, instead of just standing in front of her, I pulled her in my embrace. She just admitted how she was aware of that guy’s infatuation towards her and although I couldn’t read her mind… she’s probably shaken because she hadn’t expected to be caught at all. While rubbing her back and head, I waited until she stopped shaking before raising her face to look at me again. “It’s my fault that he caught us. That’s why you don’t have to blame yourself. If that’s what is running inside your mind.” I caressed her cheeks and smiled. “If you want to or if need be, I will let him understand our relationship.” “No… It doesn’t matter… I might be cruel from saying this but… Taku liking me is… not why I was shaken. I don’t like him as a guy but as a friend, we’re connect

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