Can you hold my hand?

1537 Words

Lonely Hearts Host Club. Takayama Tooru. That was what’s written on the guy’s calling card. Lonely Hearts… Do I still have to comment on this? Either way, a high schooler wasn’t allowed to work in that kind of establishment. Did it escape his notice that I was still in high school? Do we all look mature? No. He probably didn’t think about that. What caught his eye was my potential for that line of work. Well, I didn’t do anything and just confronted them. How did that become his criteria? “That card color… Onoda, don’t you ever go down that route!” Surprisingly, Itou was the one who commented strongly while Himeko was nodding continuously as if agreeing to what her sister said. “Don’t worry, I am also as baffled as you two. Anyway, since it was resolved, do you want to go back to o

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