In between

1696 Words

Arriving home at the same time as last night, I was still welcomed by Akane. Despite her sleepiness, the girl waited for me right at the front door, the same as every other day. I’m aware. Seeing her like this always pricked something inside me. I was supposed to only love her. But this desire of mine broke that premise. She had no choice but to adjust and make a corner for herself. That way, she’d be with me. That’s the most important thing for her. To be with me. To continue being by my side. I probably went over this topic a lot of times already but every time I would see her like this, I couldn’t help but think back on it. Nonetheless, having been reminded earlier, I reeled in the other urge to apologize. That wouldn’t do any good at this point after all. Instead, I put on a wide s

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