Confession *

2613 Words

On the way back to class, I started wondering who it was that pointed Tadano to that clubroom. Mori? But what could she gain from it? Or maybe Tadano knows her routine like how Mori knows a lot about Ogawa. Anyway, I'll ask Nami later. I arrived at the class soon but right before entering the door, I bumped into Satsuki. "Your scent. It has Andou's in it." She whispered before continuing to walk out of the room. This girl… I decided to not continue entering and followed after her. She's heading to the restroom but when we're near that empty room, I pull her inside with me. "What is this? My bladder is about to burst, idiot." "Just a few minutes, Satsuki." We're already here, I can't just let her go. "What do you want to do, then?" "I don't know. Didn't you say you hate it when

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