Ririka *

1662 Words

Since the place was truly inappropriate, after the foreplay we did to each other, I had her lean her hands on the wall. With her skirt lifted and rolled up to stop it from going back, I held her on her slim waist as I slowly pulled her towards me. Slipping my c**k between her legs, although it was still glistening from how she made it wet in her mouth, her overflowing juices once again lubricated it. Teasing her for a bit by rubbing my c**k against her peeking clit, Ririka turned her head towards me with a pleading but erotic expression. She's biting her lips sexily and her eyelashes fluttered as if asking me to stop teasing her. Her hips also started moving as she ground herself on it. Whenever my c**k would brush against her clit, a soft moan along with an excited jolt would be produc

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