Maemura's Resolve, Akane's Love

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"Help how? What do you want to do with Sakuma? Cripple him?" "Stop joking, Mr. Lazybones. Because of you. Because of your damn mouth." "What? What did I do?" I try to play dumb to fork out more details from her "Are you already old? Because of what you said last Tuesday. I got this conscious of him." Ah. When I told them to date each other in which they both shouted impossible in response. That seems to be the trigger as to why she wanted to confess now. "What? Could it be? You like Sakuma? Wow." "I was keeping it hidden but because of you. That foul mouth of yours." Your mouth is fouler, you know? Just count how much you insulted Sakuma and me since day 1. "Yes, yes. If you say it's my fault then my fault it is." "I know you'll bow down before me." Really? Maybe you will bow down to me as well. As long as I play my cards right. You can hate me then but I won't stop. I'll make you mine. Ah. I'm really getting excited even if they're not a couple yet. I see. I can also do it like this. Maybe this will work on Andou too. That girl is scary. Stealing her will make me breathe better inside the room. I won't be under her observation and even if I am, she won't be able to go against me. Ah. My secret desire is filling up just by thinking about it. I see. I get it now. I understand a new thing about my desire. It's not always about someone having a boyfriend or husband. It's about if the girl loves another man. The effect is better if the man loves her back but I think it will also work even if the feeling is unrequited. That excitement of snatching someone who likes another man. Ah, I see now. I was interpreting it wrong all along. But why am I not feeling excitement for the girls who love me? Is it because I can't steal from myself? I don't know. So for Andou, I'll start planning for her. For now, Maemura it is. They like each other so this will give me better excitement. "Yes, your highness. Your wish is my command." "That doesn't suit you at all Onoda." "Why?" "You don't fit the image. You're more like the jailer who tortures the prisoners." What the hell is that imagery? Do I look like that? And here I am trying to maintain my status as Classmate A. "So should I t*****e Sakuma then?" "i***t. That won't work. I need you to help me gather resolve." Ah yes. The Maiden in Love trait is kicking in. "Okay just tell me what to do?" "First. Tell me what you think of me? Your honest opinion." Honest opinion eh? Then let's be completely honest. Tell her the thing I desire most. "Are you sure? You won't punch me tomorrow, will you?" "What? Will you say something that will make me punch you?" "I don't know. I'd like to have some insurance." "Ah. You're too demanding for a servant Onoda. Okay. I'll give you a word that I won't punch you." Ah. Yes. I'll be serving you down there too. And in turn, you'll serve me too. We'll serve each other without Sakuma knowing. Look at how despicable I am to someone who considers me as his friend. But I can't deny this excitement. This is it. What I truly need. Not that vague emotion called love. "Then. What do I think about Maemura? I want to make you mine." I told her the same words I told Shio, just the wording is a little different. They're not a couple yet so I can't say I want to steal her from Sakuma and that will probably raise her cautiousness against me. I don't know but it seems to have an effect. Her fast response slowed down. Is she flustered? Embarrassed? Ah. I want to see her face right now. "What the hell Onoda? Are you serious? You're not playing with me, are you?" "You asked for an honest opinion, Your highness." "Something like that, really? You're really not joking? Argh. What the hell Onoda?" "Don't punch me okay." Maemura, I'll work on you slowly. We're just starting. "Argh. I won't. I already told you." "So what's this about?" "Ah. I told you. I need resolve to confess. But you, to suddenly say it like that. I got more confused." "What? Don't be. That's just my honest opinion of you. That doesn't mean you need to be conscious of me." "Now that you say it like that, then okay." "So what's next? Will I be of more help?" "I can't stop thinking about what you said. Give me time." Ah. It's showing an effect. You can be this cute too Maemura. "So you like Sakuma. Since when?" "Keep this a secret okay." "Cross my heart." Do I have one? Ah yeah. That internal organ that keeps me alive. "Since 6th grade." Like I guessed. She's holding it in for long. That's why when someone pointed it out she woke up. Ah. Since 6th grade then does that mean she's still a virgin? Possible. No, it's a certainty at best. "Wow. Really Maemura? 4 years. It's already been 4 years." "I know. When you joke like that last Tuesday, I got really conscious of my feelings for him. It woke me up to the thought that I'm running out of time." That's not an ordinary 'like' now. That feeling that was boiling for 4 years. Was it love? Is this the same as what Akane is feeling? I honestly don't know. "I see, Your highness is a maiden in love. Waiting for your Prince Charming who's eternally sleeping on that bed. You now decided to give him your kiss to wake him up." But Prince Charming can stay asleep for now. Me, the jailor will taste the Princess first. "What the hell? Why does that sound so accurate? Are you a literary genius?" "No Your Highness, just a jailor that is serving you." "You're funny Onoda. Thank you. I think I received some resolve from you through that." "I'm glad to be of help." "What about you Onoda? Don't you like someone?" If that like is equal to love then no. "I just told you earlier." "What? You're still on about that? It's not 'like' and you told me to not be conscious of you." "But you asked. Not my fault." "You're truly amusing and weird. I can now see why Rindou is so into you." Weird. Yes. I'm weird again. I'm the weird guy. "Huh? Why Rindou?" "You don't know? She likes you." Ah. I don't know. Why does she like me? Why do I keep having these questions? "Really? I don't know. I'm helping her to gather the courage to talk to others." "And that is why she likes you. If you saw Rindou back in middle school, you'll see how gloomy she was. But since day 2. She's starting to cast out that gloom." "But I want you more than her." I'll slowly imprint into her mind my desire to own her. About Rindou, I don't know. I'll just keep at what I'm always doing "i***t. Don't change the subject. Continue helping her." "Of course. She, liking me, won't affect my decision to help her." "You're an amusing, weird and good guy Onoda. I might like you too but sadly I like Sakuma more." I'm not a good guy. I will never be that. "It's enough that I want you Maemura. You can keep liking Sakuma, I don't mind." Yes. I only want to steal you. Doesn't mean I want you to like me or you might end up like Yae. Haa. I can only wish good luck to Yae now. I'll treasure our memories of the duration that I stole her. "Weirdo. Help me more, okay? I need more resolve." "Just tell me what I have to do, Your highness." "Tomorrow. Can you go to school early?" "How early?" Here it is. Next step. "6 am." "Where?" "In front of the Gymnasium." "I'll be there." "I'll tell you the details when we meet." "Okay. "Goodnight then, Mr. Jailor." "Goodnight, Your highness." And like that, our conversation ended. I don't know what will happen tomorrow but let's hope it's a good thing. Maemura is still innocent of worldly things, I might be able to teach her some knowledge. I rested a bit more before I went to the kitchen to cook my dinner. I was in the middle of eating it when my phone rang. And currently, only one number was set to ring in it. Kana's. "Hello?" "Ah. Ruki. Good evening." "You called? What happened?" "Ah no. I just wanted to hear your voice." Eh? What is this? Kana? Don't tell me, you? No no. This doesn't mean she's starting to like me right? It won't evolve to what happened to Yae, right? "Here. I'm talking to you now, Kana. Miss me?" "Y-yes. I miss you." "That's cute, Kana. I miss you too." Let's pay her some lip service. "Auu. Just hearing your voice is making me smile." "I'm glad, Kana. So what happened earlier?" "Ah yes. Kenji, he's suspicious about why I ended the call. I told him I'll let him borrow my mom's massager if he couldn't believe me." Wow. She's sticking to that excuse. Does her mom really have that kind of massager? I find it amusing. "So, did he eventually accept it?" "Yes. He did. But he's so grumpy the whole day. That made him fail to concentrate on his piece. I scolded him during club hours, that made him calm down." She really did have a way to put him on a leash. I underestimated you, Kana. You're more interesting than I thought. Now I'm itching to do you again. "My Kana is amazing." "Auu. Don't tease me. I." "You what?" "I-it's embarrassing, Ruki." "Who am I, Kana? I accept everything from you." Except your heart. "T-then. I might get wet down there. Auu." "You're too cute, Kana. You don't need to be embarrassed about that. Show it all to me." "Auu. I." "Again? You what, Kana?" "I-i want you, Ruki. I'm already wet down there." "Ah. I wish I was there. In your room. I'll give it to you anytime, Kana." She's too erotic tonight. What the hell happened to you, Kana? You only lost your virginity to me last night and now you're asking me for it. "T-tomorrow morning, Ruki. In the clubroom." "What?" "T-there will be no people there. W-we can." "We can what? Tell me, Kana. What can we do inside the clubroom?" Ah. Teasing her like this is making me hard. This excitement. What if that Kenji is trying to call her now? He'll only hear the busy dial tone. Most probably he'll get suspicious again. Ah. This is filling my desire up. "W-we can have s-sex. Inside. I want you inside me again Ruki." "You know, you're making me hard now Kana. Tomorrow then." "Auu. Yes, I'm glad I can make you hard. I'll wait for you inside the clubroom." "I'll be there. Goodnight, Kana." "Y-yes. Goodnight, Ruki." Ah. That fills up my desire for tonight. Kana's too erotic, I wonder if I can hold this in? I'm too hard right now. It's a waste to masturbate. I want to fill her up with my semen before classes start tomorrow. I finished eating my dinner that was left lying there when Kana called. Though it's cold now, it's still satisfying. My desire was filled up by Maemura and Kana, I'm even hard down there. Ah. I washed the dishes and took a bath before preparing for bed. I'll leave early tomorrow for Maemura so I won't be able to take a bath in the morning. Suddenly my morning was already packed. Maemura at the Gym then Kana at the clubroom. I'll happily fill up my desire again. I thought my day was already ending when I heard someone knocking on the door again. Ah, this girl. As expected, it's Akane. On her hands is a pair of pajamas and a pillow. "What? Why are you here holding that? I ask. "Are you growing dumb? I'm sleeping in." Akane says then she invites herself in. She even went directly upstairs. And from there I heard her voice. "Don't come up yet. I'm changing into my pajamas." What the hell? I lock the door then shout below the stairs. "What are you doing Akane?!" "I just told you. I'm sleeping in. This is a trial run before we start living together next week!" She shouts back. This girl. Deciding everything on her own. I climb upstairs and open the door to my room. There lies Akane, in her underwear. She's in the middle of changing into her pajamas. "W-what? I told you not to come up yet, you p*****t!" She shouts as she throws her clothes to me. "I seem to recall that this is my house. I can go wherever I want." "Y-you p*****t. Are you thinking of attacking me now?" Akane blushes in shame. She has no choice but to continue changing in front of me. "I admit your figure is too sexy but no I won't attack you." "Huh? W-why? All those girls you brought here. Didn't you attack them?" "Yes. But there's a difference, I brought them in. You invited yourself in." "i***t. I can't believe you. Argh!" She's fuming in anger now. "So, you'll sleep with me? I'm going to sleep now, I have to get up early tomorrow." I said then I lay myself on my bed. "Y-you. Why are you so composed? Aren't you aroused at my body?" "I am. Who wouldn't? But Akane. I won't touch you. Aunt and Uncle will probably be angry at me if I did. And even if I do, you know my secret desire. I don't think I can get hard without it." "B-but you're hard now." She's staring at my hard-on. "Ah. Right. It was because I just had my fill." "Ah. This i***t. I don't care anymore. Move over. I'll go to sleep too." Though this isn't as exciting as when I'm having the fill of my desire. This is amusing on its own. This Akane. She's truly serious at what she said earlier. Even trying it out tonight. Haa. "I won't. This is my bed. You're the one sharing with me so lay on the remaining free spaces." "You're bullying me Ruki. The truth is you want me to go home, right?" "Yes. You can still change your mind." "Argh. I told you I'll teach you how to love. I'll show my love for you now!" "Then please do so." Akane closes her eyes and jumps into my bed. She places her head on my shoulder and cuddles onto me like I'm a hug pillow. "Aahh. This is Ruki's scent. I miss this. I miss this a lot. Goodnight. I love you. I love you. I love you. I won't give up." A few seconds later, her soft snoring leaks out. "Oii? Akane?" What the hell? She's already asleep? Is this how you show me your love? I honestly don't get it. Ah. I'm too tired. I guess I'll sleep too. I look at Akane's sleeping face. This girl, she's pushing herself too much. But seeing her peacefully sleep like she's in the safest place on Earth, I can't help but recall the time when my desire hasn't manifested yet. We often sleep like this back then. Together in one bed. Cuddling each other. I don't think I can understand love but seeing Akane this earnest. I guess I'll give her a chance. I won't be able to stop my desire though. I stroke her hair and put her into my embrace. This girl is fighting for something uncertain. "Goodnight Akane." I kiss her forehead and let myself drift into sleep. Tomorrow will be a busy day.
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