Kanzaki's Blunder

1312 Words

Time quickly passed and lunch break arrived. Like yesterday, I decided to eat with Satsuki and Aya in the classroom. This time I brought a lunchbox made by Miwa-nee. Because of that, the attention to us was minimal since I also invited Sakuma to join us. However, before we knew it, Chii and her gyaru friends joined us. Furthermore, after coming back from the cafeteria, Nami, Hina, Saki with Kikuchi tagging along also crowded around us. Naturally, the trio of Ogawa, Tadano and the silent guy couldn’t rest easy in their seats and also joined the crowd. The original small square created from our tables gradually became a circle with more and more members joining us for lunch, even those classmates that I probably knew the names of but was too lazy to remember one by one. Well, not everyon

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