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Upon leaving the classroom, I passed by the Book Club and Poem Appreciation Club first. I checked on Serizawa-senpai who clung to me upon seeing me again. After yesterday, I stopped being surprised at her actions. Furthermore, the way she happily just clung tightly to me like a koala was certainly adorable. Adorable enough that Haruko ended up getting slightly jealous. In the end, Haruko copied her which resulted in the two of them clinging to me tightly. Once they’re done, I also paid a visit to Aya who I wanted to dote on even earlier. As always, she’s absorbed with her book so I didn’t disturb her for too long. In the other room, I drank Mina’s tea that was still evolving in regards to its taste. In there, there’s also Himeko and the other two seniors who were leering at me during th

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