Next to her

1163 Words

“Can I, senpai?” “Blockhead, do I still need to spell it out to you?” Putting a hand on her forehead, Shizu gently shook her head, disappointed with my question. Nonetheless, I found this chance to break the serious atmosphere between us. As I put on a slight smile, I stepped forward. “Yes, please?” “Haa… Then don’t if you don’t want to.” Putting on a slightly disappointed expression, Shizu turned back and took the last steps to the stairs. However, as soon as I saw that she’s about to leave me behind, my mind immediately worked followed by my head and eyes scanning our immediate surroundings; to our back, left and right, to see if there was a single soul around. After a swift observation and found no one in sight, I dragged my feet and took a huge step to instantly reach her which

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