Her man

1335 Words

Tickled by what I suddenly did, Miwa-nee reflexively elbowed me. The force of it was surely not that strong but it hit me where it would hurt that I winced in pain just to keep my hold on her. After realizing what she did and perhaps hearing my silent groan, Miwa-nee worriedly turned around to check. “I’m fine, Miwa-nee. I guess I deserved it.” I certainly did deserve it. I told myself to stop doing risky things but to even think of it here? “Of course, you do. I told you to open the garage door but here you are.” Miwa-nee said as she lifted my shirt to check on the part of my body that she hit. “Is it difficult to hold it in?” “Uhh... I thought that once we leave this place, chances are saying... we’re going straight home.”  “You’re not wrong. I’m worried about Minoru, Ruki. I know

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