The Biggest i***t

1663 Words

30 minutes later, the bus finally reached their stop. As soon as we exited it, silence reigned among us. Stuck standing right there, none of my girls tried to utter a word. And from my side, Shizu’s gloomy mood was oozing out. They caught us in the act... That should be grounds to stop what we’re doing given the circumstances... However, that’s not how the events transpired. After giving Shizu a glance, Nami continued what she’s doing, eagerly sucking my c**k with the clear intent of making me c*m from her b*****b. At that point, I was already close to cumming but I tried my best to hold it in given that they still hadn’t reached their c****x. With Nami not stopping, I could only look at the two girls somewhat apologetically. The thought of asking them to join us surfaced in my mind.

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