A Little Activity

1650 Words

"Let's go back, Kana. Lunchbreak is about to end." "I still want more time with you." Still sticking to me, Kana clings onto my neck. "This girl. We'll continue later, I'll make time for it. I still have something to say and I missed spoiling you." "Really?" If there's a chance later, I'll tell her about that thing between Ishida-senpai and that Kenji. "Yes. You now know my desire. Maybe I'll ask you again to go to my house." "Uhm. Not yet. You said that girl is living with you now. It will be awkward to be there with her." Ah. This girl. Her impression of Akane was that girl who tried to stop us. "She also wants to meet you but you're right. It might be awkward for you." "She's your special girl. Maybe I'll aim to be special to you too." "You're already a bit special, you dummy

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