Make her Fall Tonight

2387 Words

When I arrived home, Shio was the one waiting for me at the door. As if a wife waiting for her husband, Shio kissed me and took my bag from me before leading me to the living room where Minoru and Miwa-nee are. Missing that familiar figure, I couldn't help but blurt out a question. "Where is Akane?" It's rare not to see her in the house. No. Not just rare, she's always here whenever I'm home. Not seeing her this time led me to instantly long for her figure. "I'm here, husband." Her soothing voice along with a hug from my back answered me. "You had me worried for a second. Where did you go?" I turned around to see her giving off her enchanting smile as always. "I'm happy you instantly look for me. I'm just in the bathroom. My pee came at the wrong timing." Err… To think it was tha

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