chapter 2

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Drake.. "Ah..." I gasped as I threw the vase of flowers onto the floor, watching it shatter. I remembered it was the first gift I had given Emily, and how she had loved it. But not anymore. She didn't deserve gifts or happiness; she was unfaithful, and I regretted ever loving her in the first place. "Calm down," I heard Derek say, but I didn't even care to listen to him. Inside, I felt shattered and broken as I saw the image of her sleeping next to another man. A different guy who was not even her mate made me angry. "Why did she have to do this to us, to me? Why did she go behind my back and sleep with other men? Doesn't she know that she is a Luna of this pack?" I muttered to myself, staring at the blood dripping from my hand. I heard a knock on the door, but I didn't even care to respond to whoever it was. Just then, Lia rushed in with a shocked expression on her face. "My Alpha, what happened? Why are you like this, and why are you bleeding? Aren't you supposed to heal?" she asked, concern evident in her voice. I looked at her for a moment but didn't bother to say a word. Walking over to the bed, I sat down and stared at my hands. Why was I not healing? Was it because my emotions were blocking my healing abilities? "Where is Moses?" I asked her, noticing her shocked expression, and she replied hesitantly, "Your beta is watching over the pack, just as you asked him to, Alpha." I nodded in response, unable to tear my gaze away from my bleeding hands. Finally, I spoke again, "Go get the doctor to come treat me," I said, trying to endure the pain rushing through me. "Yes, Alpha." I watched her walk away, the tears streaming down my face. I couldn't believe that after all I did to make her happy, to show her my love, in the end, all she did was hurt me. "Why don't you ask her what happened? It might just be a misunderstanding," my wolf suggested, but the more I heard him say that, the angrier I became. "There is no misunderstanding. She is unfaithful. She deserves to suffer. I know you care for her deeply, but I think it's best you stop too, because soon she will no longer be our mate," I said, my voice filled with bitterness and pain. Saying that, I closed my eyes and let the last tears fall, feeling my wolf surge forward once more. "What are you planning to do, Drake? Don't tell me you're thinking of… even though she's pregnant," my wolf warned. Hearing that, I stood up and spoke firmly, "Pregnant? For who? That child is not ours. Tell me, who is she pregnant for? All our life, we've cared for her, shown her love, and now you want me to just forget everything as if it happened long ago when it just happened yesterday." My life as an Alpha had never felt so filled with pain and regret. I had never felt like such a fool for making a decision like this. "No matter what, she is our mate. You need to listen to her. Maybe there's something we're not yet sure of," my wolf urged. But hearing that only fueled my anger, and I decided not to say another word to my wolf. I couldn't understand why he was still siding with her after everything she had done. As the door of my room opened, I looked up to see the doctor walk in, bowing respectfully at me. "You called for me, Alpha. Is there something wrong with you?" he inquired. I hesitated for a moment, then showed my hands to the doctor, revealing the wounds, causing a look of shock to cross his face. "But Alpha, you should be healing by now. Why are you still bleeding?" he asked, puzzled. I remained silent, simply staring at him, conveying my pain and frustration. Understanding my silence, the doctor started tending to the wounds. After he finished, he stood up and walked away, leaving me alone with my thoughts. I walked over to the window and gazed at the sky. I could have seen this coming, but now I was just left in the shadows with hurt and regret. "Why did she do this to me?" I whispered angrily. "She dares carry another man's child and now she wants me to go easy on her. I will make sure to give her the punishment of her life, and she will never repeat such a mistake in her next life." The pain was so intense, and whenever I thought about the first time I met her, I wished I could have let her suffer and perish. She was a lone wolf, and I had welcomed her, taken her with me after discovering she was my mate. But now she had taken advantage of everything and believed I would become kind to her after the pain she had caused me. I slowly close my eyes, not wanting to think about the past and the happiness we both shared. I beat down all that's behind me and forget that I even have a mate. I will make her life a living hell, and she will pay for the hurt she has caused me. "So what do you plan to do now?" Derek asks as I pause for a second and keep staring at my hands. The only reason I want healing is because of my emotions, so the only way I could heal is to put those emotions behind me and address whatever is causing them as well. There is no point in suffering in silence; I must do what is necessary and think about my pack and everything. "I, Alpha Drake of the Crimson Pack, will reject Emily tonight in front of everyone as my Luna and mate."
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