Act II-5

2678 Words

Cheering up a little, Jerry goes to the telephone. Jerry. Give me the Treasury Department … Say, this is President Frost speaking. I just wanted to ask you if you couldn’t strike off a little currency, see? About—about five million dollars, see? And if you didn’t know whose picture to put on ‘em you could put my picture on ‘em, see? I got a good picture I just had taken … You can’t strike any off?… Well, I just asked you … Well, I just thought I’d ask you … Well, no harm done—I just asked you—it didn’t hurt to ask, did it? [He rings off despondently.] It didn’t hurt ‘em to ask. Snooks . Nothin’ doin’, eh? In comes Mr. Jones. Jones . It’s all over, Mr. President. I’ve just received word that Chief Justice Fossile of the Supreme Court, accompanied by the Senate Committee on Inefficiency,

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