The Little Man Gets His.

1290 Words

The Little Man Gets His. “If you took all the money in the world,” said the little man with deep profundity, “and divided it up in equ——” “Oh, shut up!” said Amory briskly and, paying no attention to the little man’s enraged stare, he went on with his argument. “The human stomach—” he began; but the big man interrupted rather impatiently. “I’m letting you talk, you know,” he said, “but please avoid stomachs. I’ve been feeling mine all day. Anyway, I don’t agree with one-half you’ve said. Government ownership is the basis of your whole argument, and it’s invariably a beehive of corruption. Men won’t work for blue ribbons, that’s all rot.” When he ceased the little man spoke up with a determined nod, as if resolved this time to have his say out. “There are certain things which are huma

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