Five Weeks Later

2105 Words

Five Weeks Later. Again the library of the Connage house. Rosalind is alone, sitting on the lounge staring very moodily and unhappily at nothing. She has changed perceptibly—she is a trifle thinner for one thing; the light in her eyes is not so bright; she looks easily a year older. Her mother comes in, muffled in an opera-cloak. She takes in Rosalind with a nervous glance. Mrs. Connage : Who is coming to-night? (Rosalind fails to hear her, at least takes no notice. ) Mrs. Connage : Alec is coming up to take me to this Barrie play, “Et tu, Brutus.” (She perceives that she is talking to herself. ) Rosalind! I asked you who is coming to-night? Rosalind : (Starting ) Oh—what—oh—Amory—— Mrs. Connage : (Sarcastically ) You have so many admirers lately that I couldn’t imagine which one. (

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