Still Calm

697 Words

Still Calm. “Ghosts are such dumb things,” said Alec, “they’re slow-witted. I can always outguess a ghost.” “How?” asked Tom. “Well, it depends where. Take a bedroom, for example. If you use any discretion a ghost can never get you in a bedroom.” “Go on, s’pose you think there’s maybe a ghost in your bedroom—what measures do you take on getting home at night?” demanded Amory, interested. “Take a stick,” answered Alec, with ponderous reverence, “one about the length of a broom-handle. Now, the first thing to do is to get the room cleared —to do this you rush with your eyes closed into your study and turn on the lights—next, approaching the closet, carefully run the stick in the door three or four times. Then, if nothing happens, you can look in. Always, always run the stick in viciousl

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