Bitter Sweet

359 Words

Bitter Sweet. “Sit like we do,” she whispered. He sat in the big chair and held out his arms so that she could nestle inside them. “I knew you’d come to-night,” she said softly, “like summer, just when I needed you most … darling … darling …” His lips moved lazily over her face. “You taste so good,” he sighed. “How do you mean, lover?” “Oh, just sweet, just sweet …” he held her closer. “Amory,” she whispered, “when you’re ready for me I’ll marry you.” “We won’t have much at first.” “Don’t!” she cried. “It hurts when you reproach yourself for what you can’t give me. I’ve got your precious self—and that’s enough for me.” “Tell me …” “You know, don’t you? Oh, you know.” “Yes, but I want to hear you say it.” “I love you, Amory, with all my heart.” “Always, will you?” “All my li

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