First Appearance of the Term “Personage”

2070 Words

First Appearance of the Term “Personage”. Monsignor Darcy invited Amory up to the Stuart palace on the Hudson for a week at Christmas, and they had enormous conversations around the open fire. Monsignor was growing a trifle stouter and his personality had expanded even with that, and Amory felt both rest and security in sinking into a squat, cushioned chair and joining him in the middle-aged sanity of a cigar. “I’ve felt like leaving college, Monsignor.” “Why?” “All my career’s gone up in smoke; you think it’s petty and all that, but——” “Not at all petty. I think it’s most important. I want to hear the whole thing. Everything you’ve been doing since I saw you last.” Amory talked; he went thoroughly into the destruction of his egotistic highways, and in a half-hour the listless qualit

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