Further Adventures with “Heart Talks”

3662 Words

Further Adventures with “Heart Talks”. With an accompaniment of ironic laughter Anthony told Gloria the story of his commercial adventure. But she listened without amusement. “You’re going to give up again?” she demanded coldly. “Why—you don’t expect me to—” “I never expected anything of you.” He hesitated. “Well—I can’t see the slightest benefit in laughing myself sick over this sort of affair. If there’s anything older than the old story, it’s the new twist.” It required an astonishing amount of moral energy on Gloria’s part to intimidate him into returning, and when he reported next day, somewhat depressed from his perusal of the senile bromides skittishly set forth in “Heart Talks on Ambition,” he found only fifty of the original three hundred awaiting the appearance of the vita

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