The Beating-2

1982 Words

Artfully, he fished in his vest pockets, brought up his two quarters, and stared at them as though in surprise. “Well, I’ll be darned,” he protested in an aggrieved tone, “here I’ve come out without my pocketbook.” “Need some cash?” asked Lytell easily. “I left my money on the dresser at home. And I wanted to buy you another drink.” “Oh—knock it.” Lytell waved the suggestion away disparagingly. “I guess we can blow a good fella to all the drinks he wants. What’ll you have—same?” “I tell you,” suggested Parker Allison, “suppose we send Sammy across the street for some sandwiches and eat dinner here.” The other two agreed. “Good idea.” “Hey, Sammy, wantcha do somep’m for us….” Just after nine o’clock Anthony staggered to his feet and, bidding them a thick good night, walked unsteadi

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