Next Day

732 Words

Next Day. “Who are the heirs?” asked Mr. Haight. “You see when you can tell me so little about it—” Mr. Haight was tall and bent and beetle-browed. He had been recommended to Anthony as an astute and tenacious lawyer. “I only know vaguely,” answered Anthony. “A man named Shuttleworth, who was a sort of pet of his, has the whole thing in charge as administrator or trustee or something—all except the direct bequests to charity and the provisions for servants and for those two cousins in Idaho.” “How distant are the cousins?” “Oh, third or fourth, anyway. I never even heard of them.” Mr. Haight nodded comprehensively. “And you want to contest a provision of the will?” “I guess so,” admitted Anthony helplessly. “I want to do what sounds most hopeful—that’s what I want you to tell me.”

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