Three Digressions

1712 Words

Three Digressions. Just before the engagement was announced Anthony had gone up to Tarrytown to see his grandfather, who, a little more wizened and grizzly as time played its ultimate chuckling tricks, greeted the news with profound cynicism. “Oh, you’re going to get married, are you?” He said this with such a dubious mildness and shook his head up and down so many times that Anthony was not a little depressed. While he was unaware of his grandfather’s intentions he presumed that a large part of the money would come to him. A good deal would go in charities, of course; a good deal to carry on the business of reform. “Are you going to work?” “Why—” temporized Anthony, somewhat disconcerted. “I am working. You know—” “Ah, I mean work,” said Adam Patch dispassionately. “I’m not quite su

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