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III. A month later, climbing into a taxicab with Farrelly one night, he gave the latter’s address to the driver. “So you’re in love with this baby,” said Farrelly pleasantly. “Very well, I’ll get out of your way.” Jacob experienced a vast displeasure. “I’m not in love with her,” he said slowly. “Billy, I want you to leave her alone.” “Sure! I’ll leave her alone,” agreed Farrelly readily. “I didn’t know you were interested—she told me she couldn’t make you.” “The point is you’re not interested either,” said Jacob. “If I thought that you two really cared about each other, do you think I’d be fool enough to try to stand in the way? But you don’t give a darn about her, and she’s impressed and a little fascinated.” “Sure,” agreed Farrelly, bored. “I wouldn’t touch her for anything.” Jacob

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