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V. “I won’t marry you unless you love me,” he said, driving back from the studio. She waited, her hands folded tranquilly in her lap. “Do you think I’d want you if you were unhappy and unresponsive, Jenny—knowing all the time you didn’t love me?” “I do love you. But not that way.” “What’s ‘that way’?” She hesitated, her eyes were far off. “You don’t—thrill me, Jake. I don’t know—there have been some men that sort of thrilled me when they touched me, dancing or anything. I know it’s crazy, but—” “Does Raffino thrill you?” “Sort of, but not so much.” “And I don’t at all?” “I just feel comfortable and happy with you.” He should have urged her that that was best, but he couldn’t say it, whether it was an old truth or an old lie. “Anyhow, I told you I’ll marry you; perhaps you might t

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