~The Pusher-in-the-Face-2

1959 Words

As he concluded there was a long sigh in the courtroom as though everyone had been holding in his breath waiting for the c****x. Even the judge gasped a little and the three ladies on the witness bench burst into a shrill chatter and grew louder and louder and shriller and shriller until the judge’s gavel rang out again upon his desk. “Charles Stuart,” said the judge in a slightly raised voice, “is this the only extenuation you can make for raising your hand against a woman of the plaintiff’s age?” Charles Stuart’s head sank a little between his shoulders, seeming to withdraw as far as it was able into the poor shelter of his body. “Yes, sir,” he said faintly. Mrs. Robinson sprang to her feet. “Yes, judge,” she cried shrilly, “and there’s more than that. He’s a liar too, a dirty littl

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