~Diamond d**k [and the First Law of Woman]-1

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Diamond d**k [and the First Law of Woman]. (Hearst’s International Cosmopolitan, April 1924) When Diana Dickey came back from France in the spring of 1919, her parents considered that she had atoned for her nefarious past. She had served a year in the Red Cross and she was presumably engaged to a young American ace of position and charm. They could ask no more; of Diana’s former sins only her nickname survived—— Diamond d**k!—she had selected it herself, of all the names in the world, when she was a thin, black-eyed child of ten. “Diamond d**k,” she would insist, “that’s my name. Anybody that won’t call me that’s a double darn fool.” “But that’s not a nice name for a little lady,” objected her governess. “If you want to have a boy’s name why don’t you call yourself George Washington?”

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