1958 Words

V. The skyscraper rose bulkily through thirty tiers of windows before it attenuated itself to a graceful sugar-loaf of shining white. Then it darted up again another hundred feet, thinned to a mere oblong tower in its last fragile aspiration toward the sky. At the highest of its high windows Rags Martin-Jones stood full in the stiff breeze, gazing down at the city. “Mr. Chestnut wants to know if you’ll come right in to his private office.” Obediently her slim feet moved along the carpet into a high, cool chamber overlooking the harbor and the wide sea. John Chestnut sat at his desk, waiting, and Rags walked to him and put her arms around his shoulder. “Are you sure you’re real?” she asked anxiously. “Are you absolutely sure ?” “You only wrote me a week before you came,” he protested

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