Remembering Family

1545 Words
Jamie’s POV I walk into Duncan's office and sit down in one of the chairs in front of his desk while he's still on his phone talking with someone. I'm sure it had something to do with Alpha business. He's in his office and on his phone as much as our father was. Duncan is about six feet tall with dark brown hair like mine, but he has dark blue eyes like our dad did. He and his mate, Meredith, took up raising Sean, our younger brother, and myself when our parents were killed. I was fourteen and Sean was only ten at the time. Duncan and Meredith gave us the best possible childhood they could, and we have no complaints. I still remember that horrifying night so many years ago. We were in the house my parents had bought down the street from the packhouse. We no longer lived in the packhouse because my oldest brother Calvin had taken over the pack as the new Alpha. So my father was no longer the ruling Alpha, but was there for support to Calvin. I remember standing in the kitchen with our parents and Sean. Our mom was making dinner while our dad talked about some funny story he remembered from years ago. That's when Calvin burst through the back door that led into the kitchen. I could tell something wasn’t right with how he came through the door. He had blood all over his shirt and skin. The smell of death lingered on him and I'm sure it would never leave. The terror that crept into my heart at that moment will never go away. I instantly grabbed Sean and held him tight to me hoping he wouldn't see what was about to happen. I had a feeling things were about to be bad and they were. My instincts have never let me down. I remember how scared we both were at that time, our hearts beating out of our chests, up against each other. We watched as Calvin killed our mother first then our father as he cried over our mother’s body. Still to this day, I can remember their screams, but can’t remember their laughs. I did the only thing a fourteen-year-old could do. I took my brother's hand in mine and ran out of the house to find our other older brother, Duncan. Calvin was always cruel to Sean and me growing up. Part of me wasn't surprised to see this awful side of him that day. Duncan was always our protector and he continues to be that to this day. We all miss our parents. They were great people and even better leaders. Our father, Alpha Rick, was a little taller than Duncan with dark blue eyes and curly blond hair. He was a sweet but also a strong Alpha. He loved his pack and his family deeply. He would do anything he could for all of us. Our mother, Luna Trish, was short at only five foot two inches. She had dark brown wavy hair and light green eyes. She was a smart, loving Luna, with a very caring heart. Duncan brings me out of my thoughts by hanging up his phone as he goes to sit at his desk. “We have a neighboring pack’s Alpha coming to visit tomorrow for a meeting, and I need you to be there.” “What could I possibly add to an Alpha’s meeting? And this better not be another one of your attempts to find my mate, ” I tell him. This wouldn’t be the first time he invited another Alpha to “visit” in an attempt to help find my mate. Knowing him, if this Alpha wasn't my mate he would keep inviting more of them to our pack to meet me. I gotta love him for trying though. He was positive I would be mates with an Alpha and for good reason too. He laughs out loudly at me, filling the office with his enjoyment. His laugh makes me smile even if I'm not happy with him. “It’s not. They’re having some major issues with their soil, and crop growth and I know if anyone can help them it’s you,” he tells me. “Ok. Exactly what type of issues are they having,” I ask. This intrigues me and Duncan has my full attention now. I love problem-solving and it having to do with plants is just a plus. Plants are my thing. “From what I was told, they haven’t been able to grow any type of crops lately. They have no idea why,” he says. “If science can’t help them, then we will have to try something else.” I nod knowing what he means. My magic. I have to be careful who knows about it. “So what issue do we get to fix now?” “Nice to see you came to the party Zara,” I tell my wolf after she has been quiet for most of the day. “Oh I’m always at the party,” she tells me. “So what do you think? Should we help them?” I ask. “Depends on how we need to help them, but for now I’m in,” she tells me as she prances around in my head. “We’ll help them if we can,” I tell Duncan. “Perfect. I’ll let you know when they get here tomorrow,” he says. "Sounds good." I start to get up to leave, then pause. Does he have a plan if issues arise tomorrow? “Duncan, what if science can’t help them tomorrow?” I ask. I know I can’t use magic in front of any wolves that aren’t from our pack. I’ll have to really use my brain tomorrow to come up with an excuse for me or we will ask them to leave. I hate having to hide myself like this, but when you're being hunted it's necessary. “Then we will send them away and look for scientific answers if we can. If we exhaust science completely, then we might need your magic as a last resort,” he says reluctantly. “Ok,” I say nodding. “I’m gonna go eat lunch. What about you?” “I’ll be there in a little bit,” he answers “Alright,” I say as I turn and leave his office for the dining hall to have lunch with Tara. ——— Duncan’s POV Hopefully, with Jamie’s help, we can strengthen a rocky alliance with another pack. Not to mention, she’s great with solving plant problems, and they have a big problem. I couldn’t imagine not being able to feed my pack from growing our own food. Having to rely on the human world was dangerous for wolf packs. I felt bad for the pack and the Alpha from Hunter’s Moon. This opportunity reminds me that we really need to start inviting other packs to visit. Eventually, Jamie is bound to find her mate which she needs in order to be stronger. She might be reluctant to find her mate but she will need him. I know she is reluctant to find her mate outside of the pack because that means letting someone new in. That means having to share her secret with someone new. It’s unusual for a twenty-year-old she-wolf to not have found her mate yet. I now realize Tara hasn’t even found her mate yet. Those two were peas in a pod. Best friends from the start and probably to the very end. The only thing that worries me about Jamie finding her mate is if he can’t accept what she is and rejects her because of it. That would be awful for her, and she’s already been put through so much. She didn't need to have her heart broken because of a weak mate. I sit back in my chair to think about what might happen tomorrow when my beautiful pregnant mate and our son walk into my office. Meredith can sense my uneasiness and comes around my desk to hug me. Her touch makes everything better. James starts playing on my desk from where Jamie just was. “What’s wrong darling?” she asks. “I’m worried about tomorrow with Jamie,” I say, as James climbs into my lap. He’s clearly done playing from where he was. “Why?” she sweetly asks. “I just hope she doesn’t go too far with helping this pack,” I answer. “I’m not sure if science can help them, and I’m not ready for another pack to know what she is yet. We’ve been lucky to have kept her secrets in our own pack for two years.” “She’s smart. She will figure out a clever way to help them and keep her secret. I’m sure of it,” she reassures me. I nod and I get up to go to lunch with my family. The best part about working from my office is I can have lunch with my family every day. As Alpha, it can be hard to make time for your family, but I make it happen.
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