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I flopped on the hotel bed and stared at the ceiling. What had I done? I just walked out on my entire life based on a whim for a possible job with a vague acquaintance. Sure, Dr. Ariande Brown had a great reputation as an amazing OB/GYN, but how busy could her practice possibly be in the middle of nowhere? I have to say, this town was charming. I had only been here for a day, and was quickly enchanted by the place. The sky was blue, the waters in the lakes clear, and the trees greener than I had ever seen. Somehow, the nature of the place was already helping me feel better. Even if this job didn’t work out, I was going to stay for a while—maybe I could find some other random job. I had seen a few cute cafes, dinners, and local pubs around, surely one of them would be hiring. More than that, I was running away from my past. From the man who stole my birthright and spent the last few years abusing me—I had deep emotional scars from his mistreatment. Finding the strength to break free from him was the most courageous thing I’ve ever done, and I was proud of myself. I was desperately hoping for a fresh start, peace, some inner healing, and maybe I would even be able to reconnect to the magic that was stolen from me. I hadn’t trusted my intuition in years, but something was drawing me into this place. It was the most home-like feeling I had felt in years.
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