Prologue-The Very Beginning

788 Words
The celestial twin zarels (z-air-els) were tasked with searching through galaxies to find worlds that could sustain life. They rode their dragons throughout galaxies and solar systems. Eraz (air-az) and his twin sister Zare (z-air) had come upon a solar system with a world that had begun to sustain life, but due to asteroids and a freeze that had caused an ice age, life was almost non-existent. They decided to adjust the world into a better position to the sun to allow for life to flourish better. Eraz, with his moon dragon, developed the moon to be more ideal to sustain the world, and Zare, with her sun dragon, began to melt the ice covering the world. Zare left some ice in the northern most and southern most parts of the world. Zare suggested they re-create beings and creatures of magic they had on other worlds to help evolve and tend to life on this world. Eraz agreed and they began to manifest all kinds of magical beings and creatures. Eraz knew that fairies would be the best to tend to plant life of all varieties, and elves were perfect for tending to all animal life in water, land, and air. Werewolves created non-magical versions of themselves to help maintain balance with wildlife on land. Shapeshifters of all kinds created versions of themselves without magic, like tigers, lions, bears, and so on to help keep a balance and further life. Life began to thrive, and they called this world Eraz. In a short time, however, it was discovered that the magical beings and creatures’ magic was dwindling. It was realized that the atmosphere on Eraz didn’t magnify the sun enough to keep their magic sustained. Eraz and Zare decided they could create another realm in the same space that all magical beings and creatures would be able to live and the atmosphere would be enough to allow the sun to sustain their magic. Some of the beings decided to stay behind on Eraz, allowing their magic to eventually deplete, making them mere humans over a long period of time. Eraz and Zare created magical birthmarks called zaras that allowed any magical being to cross over through a portal to stay a week to tend to nature on Eraz. The zaras were magical and non-magical creatures based on whatever elemental magic the owner had. Zaras are like familiars, just ones that live within the body, and they can telepathically communicate with their owners. When needed, zaras can appear in a translucent form almost like a holograph to surround and protect, they could even become tangible. When the other dimensional realm was created, they decided to name it after Zare. Magical beings and creatures were able to move to Zare and live. Kingdoms were created with heads of clans becoming kings and queens. Zare and Eraz created a great castle called Zavaria with nine thrones. Next to the center throne was a golden sheathed sword. This sword has ornately carved images of all Zare all over the sheath and guard at the handle. The sword had inlays of gems and stones that represented each kingdom’s elemental magic. Zare and Eraz decreed that any royal could rule for ten years as high king or queen who held onto the sword handle the longest. After ten years, all royals would have to again hold the sword handle the longest. This was to allow fairness to all royal Zareans. The handle and guard were inlaid with lava stones just below the gold which would burn any of royal blood no matter their magic. This was to ensure that any king or queen would be willing to endure any hardships to rule all Zare. They also decreed that one day seven royal princesses would be born and would eventually become queens of each kingdom. Allowing for ultimate peace and prosperity. One of the princesses would be the true heir and she would rule all Zare for an age by wielding the golden sword. Over time, as the ones who remained on Eraz became more human. They started to forget all about the Zarels and the Zareans. They even began to call their world Earth. The magical Zareans began to become unseen/invisible to the humans. Very few could still perceive a Zarean. Usually, the only time they could be seen more easily was by children, as the innocent can see magic. Well, children and dogs. Dogs could see Zareans as balls of light in various sizes that no human could see. This is largely what causes a dog to bark. They are barking at a Zarean. Time has passed in sync with each world, and Zareans have largely faded into myths, lore, legends, and stories.
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